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Why do you need my Place and Date of Birth or my Vat Number?


The request data Vat Number for Italian citizens, place and date of birth for Community and Community Extra citizens, are required by law to release the invoice mandatory for natural persons in the absence of VAT. Your data will not be made public, but will be stored and used only to fulfill legal obligations regarding the list "Customers / Suppliers".​

If you are a European customer with a VAT registered in the VIES as I do to purchase free of VAT?


If you are a company Community, with a VAT Registered in VIES you will be entitled with European standard for sale with exemption of tax in Italy (reverse art. 6 bis of the DPR n.633 26.10.1972). In this case order your product online, providing Checkout business name and VAT number of the company together with name, surname, date and place of birth of the holder and choose the payment method "Offline Payment" and you will receive an invoice pay by bank transfer or upon agreement with the seller by credit card.​

What should I do if I want to buy a PRODUCT but SOLD OUT?


If a product is sold out, or is not available online and is present in our off-line catalogs, or is in the section bookable products, contact the seller through the "CONTACTS" section by booking the product and we will as soon as possible to give this to off- line or restore it within e-commerce.

In case of reservation usually the wait time is about 30 days, it is not required to pay an interim when booking at least not expressly requested by the seller.​




If your order has been refused or canceled you should have received a message that also bears a ground, so if you do not you may have provided the wrong deliveries.

The main reason to cancel orders, is the lack of information (social security number, date and place of birth, ..) or that the information (names, addresses, contacts, ..) are incorrect; in these cases, the seller will make attempts to communicate with the buyer is to solve the problem, but where this is impossible or the purchaser was nowhere to be found, we will be forced to refuse the order.

Another important reason to cancel orders is the lack of payment of the goods, if you have placed an order and you have not made the payment, after 2o3 days may be contacted by the seller, if the seller could not get in touch with you, after 10 working days from the order without which the payment was made the order will necessarily be void

Other grounds for cancellation of the order may be:

- The customer buys from the world areas where the carrier does not guarantee delivery,

- The lack of goods in the warehouse or the inability to ensure the transportation and delivery within an appropriate time; our warehouse is monitored in a computer, so this should put us away from this type of event, it is still the possibility of human error in digitizing and loading-unloading warehouse off-line.

If you made a purchase, and paid for the product following the refusal of supply, will be returned to you any money spent (for how to return the appropriate look FAQ section)

however, it will be free choice and discretion of the seller cancel the order for other reasons, however communicating the reasons to the buyer.​

What are the ways to buy and booking of Treadmill?


Through our online service you can book the treadmill, leaving a deposit.

The treadmill of the SH series are not ready delivery and readily available, but require up to a maximum of 30 days from the order to be delivered.

Follow these steps to book your treadmill:

1) Please enter your information in the order: Name, Surname, Cod. Fiscale (For European customers, providing the place and date of birth), address for delivery.

2) Choose to pay by way Offline Payment

3) Make bank transfer of 10% of the total amount (see FAQ section dedicated to credit transfers), inserting reference: "Payment treadmill model ..... or reference online order n ° ..."

4) At a distance of 20 days, you will be contacted to make the balance on departure of the goods (with the payment methods Offline present in the dedicated FAQ section)

5) In 30 days after the initial order you will receive at your home the Starker Hund ordered.

When ordering, the customer can choose to pay treadmills also by Credit Card or PayPal, immediately paying 100% of the amount, this will reduce by 1 or 2 days on schedule for delivery that still happen in about 20-25 days from the order.​

What are the DELIVERY METHODS used?


Notwithstanding the maximum availability and flexibility to satisfy in the best ways customers, mainly we use 2 shipping methods:

1) Delivery at the customer home.

IMPORTANT If you choose this shipping method you'll want to read the FAQ "What should I do if the package is tampered or BROKEN upon delivery?"

2) Withdrawal of the goods by the customer in person at our warehouse in Vigodarzere (PD) - Veneto - Italy

When buying, you can select "Other shipping methods" in this case will be necessary to agree privately with the seller ship method you prefer; other shipping methods that clients mainly require are:

- Withdrawal of the goods with a courier sent by the client, this method is mainly used to allow foreign customers (especially non-EU) that had the price conditions for the best transport compared to those offered by the site to exploit them by sending their courier at our warehouse. Address: VE.M.A. Mechanics, Via Olympics 55, 35010 Vigodarzere (PD) - Veneto - Italy.

- For customers outside Europe are also utilities CFR Port forwarding or arrival airport, export via ship or via Air depending on the requirements, the quotation shall be calculated from time to time.​

What are the methods "Offline Payment" granted?


We offer the maximum flexibility in payment methods, considering the requirement that the goods are paid in full before leaving the store.

The main payment methods Offline we use are:

1) BANK TRANSFER: you will need to transfer the amount shown for the coordinates and the method of payment by bank see the dedicated FAQ or contact the seller. This payment method Offline could to postpone the delivery schedule, because the goods will not be shipped until confirmation of payment.

2) MARK: this payment method is offered only for deliveries in Italy, is an additional cost of 2% of the amount due in the order indicated. With this mode you will receive the goods and pay conveniently in cash upon delivery, for amounts exceeding € 400 you can also pay by check, to the modes of payments by check, contact the seller.

3) PAYMENT IN CASH: If as a shipping method you choose "Collection at our headquarters in Padua" you may pay in cash at the time of withdrawal (for amounts less than € 3,000.00), or by check Circular, will be discreetly the seller or not to accept bank checks.​


How much TIME for receive my orders?​


Depending on the destination, payment methods and shipping method chosen by the purchaser (Moderator FAQ), delivery times and tranciabilità catalog may vary.

In general I TRANSIT TIMES for the territory:

- Italian for standard delivery time delivery is 5 working days (+3 days for the islands), in the case of expedited shipping will be delivered in 24-36 hours (to the islands and remote areas 48-72ore).

- The Community (U.E.) standard times Shipping 1st settiamna.

- Extra U.E. The standard delivery time is about 10-15 days; if you opt for shipment CFR Port or arrival airport, export via ship about 1 month transit or by Aerea about 1 week, the share price and the timing will still be calculated from time to time.

If you opt for Offline A PAYMENT THROUGH BANK TRANSFER, the delivery slip of at least 2 days, and the time needed for the economic transaction from the buyer's account to that of the seller.

In the case of treadmill purchase (see the appropriate FAQ "New purchases and reservations of the treadmill").​

How to make payments via BANK TRANSFER?


Select when purchasing the "Offline Payment" option, at this point you can complete the order without making the purchase; Once you have created the order will need to transfer with the total amount indicated by entering:

REASON: Online Payment Order No. ........

BENEFICIARY: VE.M.A. di Vettore Roberto


COD. IBAN: IT15X0622567684510703221541

once you transfer and send a copy to the accounting email

at this point within 24-48 hours you will receive confirmation of receipt of the transfer and processing of your order.

In case of inability to pay the IBAN indicated above in an extraordinary way you can also pay by bank transfer to the account:

BENEFICIARY: VE.M.A. di Vettore Roberto



ABI: 08327

CAB: 63090

COD. IBAN: IT59B0832763090000000011199


How does WARRANTY product?


For the guarantee of products in case of breakage of the product during the journey or arrival not working you have the right to return or made free of charge within 7 days from receipt of goods. (See the appropriate FAQ "RETURN")

After the 7 days, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the product page, the normal product warranty has the following features:

The guarantee period is 24 months from the date resulting from fiscally relevant document proving the purchase.

The guarantee can not be prolonged for the inactivity of certain manufactured by any reason.

For the validity of the guarantee the buyer will have to provide the product or evidence of rupture of the same, together with the proof of purchase of the product in order to identify the correct origin.

The warranty covers product failures that determine a malfunction.

The warranty covers only the free repair or replacement of defective EX-FACTORY * components in the manufacture or in their material, including labor.

The guarantee does not apply in case of damage caused by neglect, use or installation not in accordance with the instructions, product tampering, damage due to accidental causes or negligence by the purchaser.

It also does not apply in case of failures caused by installation of voltages appliances or water pressures other than those indicated, to sudden voltage changes is or pressure in the network to which the product is connected, as well as in the event of damage caused by phenomena external to the product, external phenomena to the product and not dependent on the product itself whether caused by man or animals or natural phenomena, including: inductive / electrostatic discharges, lightning, ghiaciazione, etc.

At the expiration of the warranty period or the decay of one of the causes that give the right to the guarantee, assistance interventions will be carried out with a service charge to the replaced parts and labor only for any transport.

For all repairs under guarantee or not, contact only authorized service centers.

* The guarantee is Ex Works; that is, it will be up and charged to the customer to send the goods to be repaired or replaced at our warehouse.

The warranty on the treadmill with proper form is extended to 3 years on mechanical components, 2 years on electronic components, 5 years on the rubber mat.​

What should I do if I want to CANCEL AN ORDER?


If you decide to cancel an order and the goods have not started yet is sufficient to notify the seller with your cancellation procedure will be free and will not be charged, then you will have the total restituitone any sums already spent (see FAQ "METHODS REFUND ").

If you want to cancel an order and the goods are already in transit will not be possible to carry out the cancellation of the same, it will therefore have to implement the return process of the goods (see related FAQ).​

What should I do if the package is TAMPERED or BROKEN upon delivery?


If you receive the goods in the presence of BROKEN packaging, dented or BROKEN, writing on the appropriate form in the possession of the courier: "ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE" taking care to bring description of the fault. If the operator were to refuse to affix detailed reserves, customer MUST REFUSE the goods. When even possible to make pictures of the damage in the presence of the courier and turn it by mail to the Starker Hund. If the goods are accepted without any reservation, it is assumed that the content has arrived intact, so it will not be possible for us to ask for reimbursement of damage to the courier. In any case if you are having a damage on the just received goods, it alerts as soon as our company through the mail addresses or fax, (if you have no ability to pay otherwise contact us by phone) describing the damage, if you can attach photos and Packaging Product damaged and specify the 'time of delivery; so you can immediately start with the best possible effectiveness of the procedures for return, exchange or any repayment of the goods.​

 What should I do if I want to RETURN my article? 


If after receiving the goods you want to return it is necessary to contact the seller, specifying the reasons for return.

If the package is damaged or broken during transport, and has respected the procedure indicated in the FAQ is necessary to communicate this to Starker Hund, we will if agreed to refund (if you want to see FAQ "REFUND METHODS used") or replacement of the goods.

The merchandise is different from the one I purchased, send specific request Reso specifying specifying the differences with respect to Article ordered, if the goods are wrong will be the discretion of Starker Hund in accordance with customers repay the 'amount spent (if you want to see FAQ "REFUND METHODS used") oppose fix the error by replacing the goods received with the goods actually ordered by the customer.

If you ordered the wrong item, specify whether the error is in the size, in the model, ... and if you want the replacement of 'article or the reimbursement of expenses incurred, to vary the size and the model will be necessary to make adjustment payment to cover the difference in price between products ii.

If you ordered a product but you changed your mind will be able to return the goods (intact) within 7 days of delivery, with a special request by mail.

When returning for wrong purchase or customer afterthought, no shipping costs will be reimbursed, it will also be the company's discretion to wait to receive the goods and verify its integrity before making reimbursement.​

What are REFUND METHODS used?


If you do I make a purchase, and your already paid order was refused, or if you return the goods and you are entitled to full or partial reimbursement (see FAQ regarding Returns and Refunds), the amount due will be made with refunds on the card with which the payment or bank transfer was made, depending on the method by which the payment at the time of purchase is made (if you want to see FAQ regarding methods "Offline payment"); you can request a refund through other formulas although it traceable (you can not claim a refund in cash at stock).

In the case of the company's discretion Returns will wait to receive the goods and verify its integrity before making reimbursement.​


Thank you for shopping with us!

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